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What is health care to us: 



results oriented

             Advanced neuromuscular treatment

    with no needles, no massage and no medication. 

       Before you see a surgeon or get that injection,

            try a detailed evaluation and immediate

         treatment in some cases of your shoulder.


If you have pain you are not alone. We have worked with many people who seek pain free lives. Our solution is pain free pain relief. We focus on pain release without injections nor surgery.


Dr. Aida Beckerly is a double board certified physician in Family Medicine and in Musculoskeletal Medicine. She trained in Osteopathic Medicine in Maine, and Internal Medicine at Harvard. She also has a M.S. in Neuroscience from Brandeis University. Her passion is to use her Neuromuscular expertise to help alleviate pain in a painless way. Gentle approach with maximum benefit is the practice goal. 


Understanding, diagnosing and treating and alleviating chronic muscular pain.


Dr. Beckerly grew up as an athlete. She practiced Gymnastics, Racquet sports, Running, and Dance. 


Seen 5000 patient in 2 years.

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Elk Grove Village, IL | Nov 05, 2016
I love Dr. Beckerly! I was really sick, had been to the er twice before seeing her. Once I made an appointment to see Dr Beckerly she not only handle me with care she also was very detailed on what I needed to do. She was a great listener. Now I feel great just like she said I would.Make her your doctor or you'll be missing out !!!


in Chicago, il | Sep 22, 2016
She is a wonderful physician and knows exactly what the patient needs. She has one of the best bed manners I have ever seen in a doctor. You are doing excellent job Dr Beckerly. Thanks for all the wonderful experience I had with you in your office

Sarah A

in Chicago, IL | Sep 10, 2016
Dr. Beckerly listens to her patients so that she can offer them care that meets their needs and provide them with the appropriate referrals, if necessary. She asks questions in a way that the patient understands and easily engages those she serves. With her compassionate manner, she is the kind of doctor I wish I had a decade ago.

P. P.


in Chicago, IL | Apr 12, 2017
I love doctor Beckerley. She is so patient and really cares about my health. Every time I come visit she embrace me with kind words and compliments. I love they way she is concerned and determined to get down to the bottom of each issue.

Nyara sacage

in Chicago, IL | Jan 31, 2017
Dr. Beckerly is very patient, extremely kind, and listens to her patients in order to see to it that they receive the care they need. Beyond the services that she extends to her in-office patients, her excellent listening skills also assist her in issuing appropriate referrals as needed.

Pamela P.

in Chicago, IL | Dec 22, 2016
My physcian Dr. Aida Beckerly is a phenomenal Dr. She's very polite and attend to your ailments. I love her she's awesome.

Laveda Perry


in Chicago, IL | Sep 06, 2016
I would most definitely recommend Dr. Beckerly to my family and friends. I absolutely love her, she makes me feel like I matter to her. She's a very concerned doctor and won't stop until she get to the root of the problem. She's very thorough.


in Chicago, Il | Sep 01, 2016
I sincerely love Dr. Beckerly, she is very thorough. She is concerned about the welfare and care she gives to her patients. I have been a patient of hers for 6mos. and I am very pleased with my result on how to live a more vibrant healthier lifestyle. I Thank God for Drs. like her


in Chicago, IL | Aug 29, 2016
VCLARK, I have been searching for a PCP for six years, low and behold my search is over. Dr. Beckerly has changed my life. Numerous trips to the ER is were I could only get to the root of my health issues. I am so grateful to have found this doctor by way of patient advocate team in the ER (U of Chicago). Let me just say this doctor is "amazing", I now know the reason for my health issues that was taking control of my life. I feel great now thanks to a wonderful "caring and amazing doctor".

Victoria Clark



in Chicago, IL | Jul 23, 2016
She's the best I love her sooooo much. She has changed my life tremendously. Our journey began last year, I came in the worst. Now I have a new life. THANKS TO her,I'm 3 dress sizes down and counting, feeling real good about myself. ALL THANKS TO HER. I JUST LOVE THE "B" side of things.

Denise Wilson

in Chicago, IL | Jun 30, 2016
Dr. Beckerly is awesome. I lost my doctor whom I had for many years and Dr. Beckerly picked up right where Dr. J. C. left off and the transition was smooth and painless! She is so easy to talk to and she is very encouraging and helped me to get off my high blood pressure meds. I swim daily now and my BP is back down to normal. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelia Mitchell


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